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Josh and Sara’s Wedding at the Event Hall in Parkwood, PA is one I have been looking forward to for quite some time. I have known Sara through mutual friends for a few years. I went to high school with Sara, although we didn’t really know each other well back then. When I saw Josh proposed on Facebook, I messaged her to tell her how much I would love to photograph their wedding for them if they would have me! They said yes, and I am so glad they did!

Josh and Sara’s story is so stinking sweet. They met on Plenty of Fish, and seriously could not be more perfect for each other. At Sara’s bridal shower, they even had swedish fish and goldfish to elude to their dating website! So cute. They had their first date at Ironwood grille, and talked for hours. Sara said she immediately knew he was something special.

After a year of dating, they ventured into their next step of their lives. Josh and Sara went up to Lake Erie with both of their families. Josh suggested that they wake up nice and early and watch the sunrise. After a little convincing, Sara decided to go! She was trying to sleep in a little bit on their vacation. They drove to one of the beaches on Presque Isle with their dog Lily. As the sun came up, Josh got down on one knee and asked her! I think we both know her answer! He was so prepared, he even had champagne in the truck. Fast forward a year, and we are back here in Indiana where it all began!

Josh and Sara are sweet, fun loving people who are so close knit with their friends and family. I have never seen two people who are so dedicated to the people in their life. It shows by the love and support they had at their wedding, and the size of their bridal party!

The day started at Cameron Salon in Indiana where hair and makeup was done. The girls had a great time sipping mimosas and getting pampered. They wore gorgeous sapphire blue silk robes, and looked like queens! Sara was completely surrounded by all of the loving women in her life, and it was clear to see.

After the salon, we headed over to the Summit Church where they continued to get dressed. Sara had individual hangers made for each of her bridesmaids, with metal twisted into their names. Those hangers were so cool! Take notes Brides To Be! After Sara slipped into her dress, her and her mom shared a sweet moment before we did her bridal portraits. We had a fun time getting Sara’s veil in, (Perk to being a photographer AND a hairdresser!!) Sara looked absolutely stunning, and her girls were radiant as well.

The groomsmen had a nice relaxing time playing some poker, and eating subs from 9th street deli. (THE best, hands down) Jill had a great time taking pictures of them while they laughed and had a good time.

The ceremony was as lovely as could be. They had beautiful sunflowers in mason jars along the stage. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.

After the ceremony, we took all of the family and bridal party photos. Once we did that, it was time for the bride and groom portraits! We drove right across the street to a nice field, with a barn and some shade cover with knotty trees. We captured some really beautiful quiet moments between the two o0f them, before the reception. This bridal party was so lively, and Mixmaster Mike kept the party going all night long! They had memorable entrances, and I the dance floor was full all night long.

We snuck out for some night portraits and I am so glad we did. We caught just a little bit of the beautiful sunset, and Josh and Sara got a little break from the excitement inside. At the very end of the reception they had their last dance, while the DJ played back special words from each person in their bridal party. The emotion that i felt moving through the room was overwhelming, and was a little hard to hold back a tear for them. I can’t say enough how truly blessed these two are with amazing people in their lives.

All in all it was just a perfect day for Josh and Sara. Not a threat of rain, and gorgeous skies. Together, Josh and Sara complete each other so well. They are constantly smiling when they are together, and you can tell they love each other so deeply. They are a perfect match, and I am so overwhelmed with joy that I got to document their wedding day.

Josh and Sara, I am so beyond thrilled to have been able to witness so much love on this day. You two are going to have such an amazing adventure through the next phase of your life. People like you remind me why I love my job so much. I enjoyed so much being surrounded by all the support you two have in your lives on your wedding day. Cheers to you two, and decades of love and happiness!


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