Laura + Josh | Yellow Creek State Park Engagement Session | Indiana, PA Photographer

Laura and Josh drove almost 2 hours to Indiana for this engagement session, and stood outside in the 20 Degree weather for nearly an hour just to capture this season of their lives. Now THAT is serious dedication to getting your engagement photos done!

These lovebirds chose January for their shoot, because their upcoming 2018 wedding will also be in the winter time! It may have been freezing, but it was absolutely gorgeous out there at Yellow Creek State Park. It started to snow just a little bit, and made it feel like a winter wonderland! The lake was completely frozen, and made for an amazing backdrop of white.

Laura and Josh have been dating for almost 10 years! Crazy right? They met when they were young at their churches youth group, and the rest is history! After EXACTLY 9 years of dating, they went to see the Pirates play a few spring training games in Florida. Laura was wanting some updated photos of them as a couple, so Josh hired a photographer, and they trekked off to the beach. In the middle of the session, he proposed, and she said yes! If you could see their beach pictures, they are absolutely stunning. After looking for a nice place to eat, the lines weren’t too appealing to them. So they ended up at a Pizza Buffet! Thats my kind of date!

They love dogs, spending time with family, and seeing new places with each other. Laura and Josh are planning on going to Italy for their Honeymoon! Jealous!

These two were so sweet together. Laura and Josh, I am so thrilled to be your wedding photographer this year! We are officially on the countdown!

XOXO, Jaclyn



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