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I can’t even tell you how much I loved getting to know this woman, from the emails back and forth in the beginning, to watching her open her final album and products. I sat at my computer chair and watched as she looked at these gorgeous photos of herself, and she said “You changed me” (in a good way). THIS is what it’s all about ladies. We don’t just take your photos and send you on your way here… This is an experience, and it WILL change your life. But don’t take it from me…. Take it from Mrs. D.

Have you ever done a boudoir shoot before? If so, how does your shoot with Jaclyn compare to your prior experience?


Why did you do your boudoir shoot?

I did this for me, a solely selfish photo shoot. My husband had no idea I had any of this planned and won’t know I did it until I show him the finished photo album. Haha I guess I needed a reminder of who I am or was. Something that showed me I was something other than a wife or mother. Am I still a confident woman, do I still have “it”, am I still pretty, or even sexy. I want to start stepping out of my comfort zone and just going for things and this has been always something I have always debated on doing but never thought I had the body or the looks, even more so after having 2 children. But I’m tired of waiting, so I’m jumping into life and this is the first step and HOLY SHIT am I glad I jumped!

What was your favorite part of the session?

I honestly don’t know if I have 1 favorite part, the whole session was amazing. From the moment I walked up the stairs and met Jaclyn and Beth I felt like we have been friends for years. Joking around going through my clothes and putting on makeup like we were getting ready to go out on the town for the night haha. It was so easy. And maybe that’s it. I’m normally a confident loud person but out of clothes forget it I might as well be a statue, but it just rolled seamlessly like it was no big deal im walking around with my buttcheeks hanging out haha. It was the ease of the whole day, like its your best friend taking your pictures . The whole thing just rolled effortlessly.

What did doing this shoot do for your self confidence, self worth, and self image? Tell me your story.

Jaclyn just made me feel like I was the most beautiful person she ever photographed, like I killed every pose. The posing, praise and hyping when things turned out how she envisioned. I could literally feel my confidence growing through each set. I know people say you leave these sessions with a new found sense of self and I wasn’t sure how that was possible. But damn I left my session feeling like a million bucks, like I have a new sense of self. And this new found confidence has me feeling like some bad ass wonder woman, I have a new love for myself, my body, and I don’t see as many imperfections as I did before.

Was your experience what you were expecting? If not, how was it different?

I went going into this with a complete open mind, like a blank slate. I prepared myself by making sure I had everything I needed. The emails leading up the the shoot were amazing and helped so much preparing me for what to expect for how the day would run. But nothing could have prepared me for the empowerment this brought me, for that I will be forever grateful!

What was the best part of your experience? Would you change anything?

The best part for me has to be seeing the final images of myself for the first time! I was floored. Literally in awe, in shock. I almost didn’t believe it was me. Like for real, that’s what I look like?! Jaclyn is absolutely amazing, she posed me in ways that flattered every ankle, every curve, made features I didnt like about myself look damn good. The hardest part was narrowing down pictures for the album, I wanted them all!!

Girrrrrrll.. You freaking killed this session, and I absolutely loved getting to know you and shooting you. You keep crushing it- superwoman!


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