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When things get hard, sometimes we make excuses. We make excuses not to take time for ourselves, sometimes life is just busy. Work is crazy, I am always taking care of someone else, or driving somebody SOMEWHERE. Sometimes quality time with your family and loved ones takes precedence. We also use excuses like “I gotta drop 15 lbs first!” and “I don’t have the money right now”. I really just wanted to write this to show you no matter the excuse, you CAN do it. Let me show you, YOU ARE WORTHY!

“I don’t have enough time for myself”

Let me start this by saying, if you aren’t taking care of your self mentally, physically and emotionally, you won’t be able to handle taking care of everyone else. You aren’t giving everyone your full potential when you are running on fumes. Sometimes I am the worst at giving myself mental health breaks, and usually wind up at the point of pure exhaustion and burnout before realizing I need to make more time for ME. This is why I want to share this with you all… I make the same excuses sometimes, and I really just need someone to grab me by the ear, and say “SLOW DOWN, take a break, and just breathe a minute.”.

At a boudoir shoot, it’s all about Y.O.U. You get to sit down, breathe, and love on yourself for a few hours. Think of all the negativity you could cut out of your life if you stopped comparing yourself to others, or worrying about what people thought of you… You get to see where real beauty and confidence comes from, and this is such a game changer in life, because let’s face it- Confidence is everything.

Bottom line… You need to take time for yourself, why not spend it having an amazing time getting glammed up for once?

“I need to lose weight/ I don’t fit the mold of what the media says is the “perfect body”

Fact time… Did you know that the body type portrayed in advertising as “ideal” is possessed naturally by only 5% of American females. FIVE PERCENT. We are trying to achieve something that the odds are so stacked against us… No wonder we constantly feel we aren’t good enough.

You do not have to be a certain shape or size to love yourself.

Your weight is not your worth.

Your body does not define you.

No two women are the same, so why are you comparing your size to everyone else? I think its great to have goals, and be healthy of course… But that doesn’t mean you get to hate your body in the process. Loving yourself every step of the way is key here. Be proud of where you are so that you can be proud of where you are going. Do a boudoir shoot to celebrate where you are now, and when you lose your 15 lbs, do another to celebrate how far you’ve come!

“I never feel sexy anymore, I don’t think a boudoir shoot is for me”


This is the exact reason you SHOULD do a boudoir shoot.

Many things can cause you to lose touch with your sexuality… Health/kids/work… It happens so much, and it is normal and okay! A great way to find this part of ourselves again is literally to see yourself through a different lens at a boudoir shoot. It will light that fire inside of you again! I can show you that its there somewhere, and it might even improve your relationship with you and your partner!

“A boudoir shoot is an investment, and I don’t have the money right now”

Yes, it’s true. A boudoir shoot IS an investment. It is an investment in yourself. You are investing in your well-being and confidence as well! We do offer payment plans! In order to book your shoot, there is a booking retainer, and after that, we can set up your payment plan for the remainder so that it’s easier for you to book a shoot! If you have any questions about payment plans, shoot us an email!

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